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SludgeyMonster has started a donation pool!
36 / 100
X__X ok!
so i wish to get points for various reasons D:
it would mean a LOT if you'd leave me a point or two ^^

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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Ying Yang by swistak85 :candycorn: by ebonred Headcrab by taruto
:peace: :eye: :alien: :weed:
✖ Yo. I'm Sludgey (aka Creeps, Canis or Kettu) I love animals and am addicted to video games, zombies and horror related stuff (uᴥu)
I'm also a total weirdo
Sean SLC Punk by heyou-cif
Alright a bit more info…I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Been fond of art in general for a very long time as well. I usually tend to focus on drawing more things such as original characters, animals, fantasy creatures and such.

I am here to show my art and IMPROVE. Any and ALL critiques are GREATLY appreciated! :'3
My ALT. dA account
btw be sure to check my scrapbook for random fun crappies heckies, whee!
also check my interests bar C:

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Here, ask me anything over at
My neopets…
anime list thing…
aaand…a blog
also list of characters

weed by beanioweed by beanioweed by beanioweed by beanioweed by beanioweed by beanio
  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Starfucker
  • Reading: The Walking Dead comics
  • Watching: King of The Hill
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead 2
  • Eating: your heart out
  • Drinking: it in
I got bored as fuuuck, so here's another thing-a-ding dong (and yes, i'm still working on various drawings and art related stuff)


(x) You are tall and/or skinny (bitch, people call me mr. boney) :iconrick-bitchpleaseplz:
(x) You like to draw a lot
( ) You like making videos
(x) You are interested in urban legends and the paranormal
(x) You have pale skin (i never leave my parent's basement house)
( ) You like going outside (fuck that shit) 
(x) You tend to stalk people :iconellisrapeface:
( ) You get irritated very easily
( ) You always tend to be in a bad situation when it happens
(x) You would go in an abandoned building (who says i haven't done that many times before?)
Total: 6

 Jeff the Killer 
(x) You tend to be insane :iconwtfjeffplz:
( ) You would do anything to protect your siblings
(x) You are anti-social (kinda)
( ) You smile a lot
(x) You burned yourself once
(x) You like knives
( ) You have a breaking point
(x) You have brown or black hair
(x) You had gotten into a fight once
( ) You don't like sleeping
Total: 6

BEN Drowned  :iconbenpancakesplz:
(x) You hate/are scared of water
(x) You hacked someone before (when i was a kid, hacking club penguin accounts n shit cuz thug lyfe y'know)
(x) You like to mess with people
(x) You like to play video games
( ) Legend of Zelda is one of your favorite series (was*)
(x) You are a serious person (sometimes* depending on the topic/situation)
(x) You listen to music in reverse
(x) You prefer spending time alone
( ) You get scared easily
(x) You spend a lot of time on the internet
Total: 8 didn't even realize how much i had in common with ben, wow...

(x) You love dogs more than cats (i like both the same...but close enough)
( ) You get depressed a lot
(x) You have nightmares sometimes (always* -sobs-)
(x) You like scaring people :iconellisrapefaceplz:
(x) You have a stone age computer somewhere in your home
( ) Literature is one of your hobbies
( ) You can't keep secrets very well
( ) You always get things done on time
( ) You are very intelligent (i'm a dumb sack of potatoes and am only 'intelligent' when it comes to topics i care a lot about)
(x) Siberian huskies are one of your favorite breeds
Total: 5

(x) You have an evil personality (i'm basically satan himself)
(x) You hate almost everything :iconfrancisl4dplz: (i hate journals. i hate writing this. i hate words. i hate breathing.)
( ) You have betrayed your friend(s) once
(x) You don't care what other people think of you (only if they matter to me, but usually no. fuck everyone else's opinion) :iconrick-bitchpleaseplz:
( ) You believe in God (I'm agnostic so...somewhat)
( ) Sonic the Hedgehog is one of your favorite series (was*)
(x) You had thoughts about torturing someone :iconheavyisokwiththisplz:
( ) You don't listen to other people when they tell you don't do something
( ) You laugh at people's pain
(x) You like horror movies
Total: 5

Pinkamena  (are you fucking kidding me?? )
( ) You are generally a happy person
( ) You prefer to work in a group rather than alone
(x) You love cupcakes
(x) You don't get phased by gory stuff
(x) Pinkie Pie is your favorite pony (along with various other ponies)
(x) You sometimes force people to do things
(x) You like the color pink
( ) MLP:FIM is one of your favorite series
( ) You get angry when something doesn't go your way
(x) You have been betrayed by friends/a friend :iconheavysadplz:
Total: 6

Jane the Killer 
(x) You are a sarcastic person
(x) You are very opinionated
( ) You love your little sister with all your heart
(x) People have called you beautiful (feels weird when they do that though) 
( ) If someone had messed with your family you would gladly seek revenge (oh wow, have i ignored every single family related thing on this?)
( ) You have an enemy (not counting school "enemies"* because that's just weak)
( ) You get into a lot of fights with that enemy
( ) You are a follower
(x) People make fun of you and tend to not like you
(:iconxplz:) You are homosexual (lol jkjk. i'm demi)
Total: 4 (not counting the last one)

so i guess i'm ben. this thing made me realize how indeed spiritually close i am with him. i shall make a ben lucky charm necklace and wear it everywhere i go. and from now on i'll smack people in the face who talk about anything water related or think link's name is zelda :iconhurrdurrplz:

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